ASEM Seminar on Piracy at Sea (Brussels, 4-5 May 2010)

On 4-5 May 2010, in preparation of the ASEM 8 Summit of 4-5 October 2010, Belgium hosted a Seminar on Piracy at Sea in Brussels. Japan, the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of the Philippines were co-sponsoring this event.

Participants from ASEM partners had very fruitful exchanges on the issues at stake today. They put forward ideas and suggestions on how to better tackle piracy at sea and how to carry forward the efforts of the international community. They opened the way for the further elaboration of an ASEM approach on piracy.

The seminar drew on the wide variety of experience acquired by Asian and European ASEM partners in real-life situations. It succeeded in identifying where further progress could be made in the fight against contemporary pirates and against violence at sea. The Chair's Summary is posted in the appropriate section of this website.

On the basis of a.o. the work accomplished during the Seminar, a political document will be drafted which is planned to be submitted for consideration of the ASEM partners when they next meet on the subject (24-25 June 2010, ASEM 8 Preparatory event on Piracy at Sea). If consensus is found, appropriate language will be submitted to the Heads of State and of Government at the upcoming ASEM 8 Summit.

ASEM Seminar on Piracy at Sea - Brussels, 4-5 May 2010
ASEM Seminar on Piracy at Sea - Brussels, 4-5 May 2010