ASEM Senior Officials' Meeting on Trade and Investment (Brussels, 15-16.02.2011): report available

ASEM Leaders at the ASEM 8 Summit in Brussels on 4-5 October 2010 sent a strong signal on their determination to further advance the common objective of sustainable development. In § 13 of the ASEM 8 Chair’s Statement, they called for an informal meeting of the Senior Officials for Trade and Investment to be held at an early opportunity.

The stated objective is the resolve of the Leaders to facilitate the dissemination of environmentally friendly, resource efficient and clean products and technologies, especially to the benefit of the developing countries.

To this effect, Senior Officials are tasked to identify the scope and range of new activities which would meet that objective.

At the invitation of the European Commission and of Belgium, the informal meeting of the Senior Officials for Trade and Investment took place in the Egmont Palace in downtown Brussels, on Tuesday and Wednesday 15-16 February 2011.

The report can be downloaded below.

The available interventions and presentations will also be uploaded.