Bilateral Meetings

Formal bilateral meetings are facilitated and hosted in the Royal Palace ahead of the start of the ASEM 8 Summit. Rooms are available for bilateral meetings at the level of Heads of State and Government/Heads of Delegation at the Royal Palace on Sunday 3 October (09:00 - 22:00) and on Monday 4 October (08:00 – 13:00).

With the exception of the Head of State and Government/Head of Delegation, who will wear the same lapel pin as for the ASEM 8 Summit itself, delegates taking part in bilateral meetings are issued orange-white floater badges, which should be displayed in combination with their personal and non-transferable nominative ASEM 8 badge. Both badges together grant access to the Royal Palace. Delegates taking part in bilateral meetings must be registered in advance as members of the ASEM 8 Summit delegation even if they do not plan to access the venues during the summit itself.

No interpretation is provided. Interpreters taken along by delegations must be listed among the participants to a bilateral meeting in advance.

The presence of media covering the bilateral meetings is allowed. Media representatives must display the yellow nominative ASEM 8 media badge (cf. infra: Media Guide) in combination with the orange-white floater badge for bilateral meetings. They must be announced under the precise arrangements established with the ASEM 8 Summit Host.

The delegation’s stay in the Royal Palace is authorized for the duration of the bilateral meeting or meetings only. For safety reasons, the number of participants to a bilateral meeting may have to be limited according to the maximum capacity of the allocated room.

More opportunities for informal bilateral contacts exist during the welcome drink after the handshake, all the coffee & tea breaks, the drink before the working dinner and the reception hosted by His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium in the Grande Galerie. No specific rooms are available for this purpose. No other members of delegation than the ones having access to the Royal Palace are able to be present during these informal bilateral contacts.

Bilateral meetings during the summit’s sessions themselves are not encouraged.