ASEM 8 Preparatory event on Piracy at Sea

from 24/06/2010 to 25/06/2010
Europa Room and Adolphe Sax Room, Egmont II Building, FPS Foreign Affairs, Brussels, Belgium

The dependence of trade between Asia and Europe on the security of intercontinental maritime routes has triggered the interest of ASEM countries for tackling piracy as effectively and as comprehensively as possible. With this in mind, a Seminar on Piracy at Sea will be organized on 4-5 May in Brussels with a view to identify where further progress could be made in the fight against contemporary pirates and against violence at sea.

The Preparatory Event on Piracy at Sea of 24-25 June in Brussels is designed as an intergovernmental negotiation session. It is an integral part of the preparatory process for the ASEM 8 Summit. It will group official representatives of ASEM governments and partners only and take a look at the results of the Seminar. It will meet on the basis of a political document drawn a.o. on the work accomplished during the Seminar and will be requested to define the coordinated political messages which Leaders might approve when they gather for the Summit.

Expected participation:

Governmental negotiators only