ASEM Outlook Workshop

from 15/04/2010 to 16/04/2010
Adolphe Sax Room, Egmont II Building, FPS Foreign Affairs, Brussels, Belgium

The ASEM 8 Summit will amongst others devote attention to ASEM’s functionality and efficiency. This timely workshop will aim to identify working methods, procedures and mechanisms that would allow the current 45 members of ASEM to cooperate more smoothly and more effectively in today’s changing and complex world.

Experts from Europe and Asia, some familiar with ASEM and some bringing in outside experience, will gather especially for this purpose. Stakeholders in the ASEM process such as parliamentarians, business representatives and People’s Forum coordinators will also take part. One of the challenges is to identify the issues, which ASEM will face in the coming years. The workshop indeed should help a substantially enlarged ASEM improve itself in the way the region-to-region dialogue is being conducted so as to be able to keep the pace with international developments.

The proposals produced by the workshop will be submitted to the consideration of ASEM Senior officials and, with their approval, to the attention of the Leaders at the ASEM 8 Summit in Brussels.

The workshop will be organized in partnership with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), the Europe-Asia Policy Forum and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany) and with the support of the Belgian government and the European Commission.

Expected participation:

Governmental and non-governmental experts and representatives, by invitation only