ASEM Senior Officials' Meeting

Egmont Palace, Brussels, Belgium

ASEM Senior Officials’ Meetings occur about two to four times a year and ensure the continuity in the work of ASEM in between the Ministerial Meetings and the Summits. The main objective of the Senior Officials’ Meeting is to prepare those high level gatherings and to ensure follow-up.

The Senior Officials’ Meeting of 3 October, the day before the opening of the Brussels Summit, will constitute the last step in the preparation process. It will be called to resolve the remaining hanging issues, also in light of the developments that might have taken place since the previous Senior Officials’ Meeting (13-15 July 2010). The 3 October meeting will also finalize the Summit texts, which will be submitted to the Heads of State and Government for approval.

Participating delegations (format ‘1+2’) can register for this event through clicking on the link hereunder.

Expected participation:

Governmental negotiators only