Conference “Connecting Civil Societies”

from 02/10/2010 to 03/10/2010

Connecting Civil Societies of Asia and Europe is a two day meeting organized by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) together with the International Institute of Asian Studies (Leiden), the Singapore Institute for International Studies (Singapore) and the European Policy Centre, coming together in the Europe-Asia Policy Forum (EU for Asia).

It is designed to be a platform of about 150 participants familiar with Asia – Europe issues and motivated to take part in the people to people exchanges called for by the ASEM Leaders at their successive summits. It holds two main objectives. One is to involve diverse civil society sectors in the ongoing work of ASEM and, regarding priority issues, to articulate recommendations and messages from the ASEM community with a view to bring them to the attention of ASEM Summit Leaders. The other is to attract media and public attention to the day-to-day work accomplished under ASEM and to the ASEM Summit in general.

The conference will feature plenary sessions, with representation from the Summit host at the highest possible level, a panel discussion, and closed-door workshops engaging participants from different sectors, generating unconventional dialogue among NGOs, business groups, artists, policy-makers and the like.

Expected participation:

Non-governmental representatives identified by the organizers