South East Asia-Europe: Higher education and Research Forum

Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union, Brussels, Belgium

Higher education and research cooperation between EU and ASEAN has been intensifying in recent years through wide-ranging dialogue and in particular through EC funded projects that aim to strengthen collaboration between the two regions in a variety of fields. Specifically, the field is the focus of a number of collaboration support platforms, such as the ACCESS Project, supported by the Erasmus Mundus Programme, the SEA-EU-NET Project, funded under FP7, and the ASEM Education Hub (AEH), run by the Asia-Europe Foundation.

The South East Asia-Europe Higher education and Research Forum has the following objectives:

a) to make the point on EU-SEA cooperation in the field of higher education and research in terms of achievements and future challenges;
b) to facilitate knowledge exchange among all the projects and platforms active in supporting EU-Asian cooperation in the fields of higher education and research;
c) to present the findings of the ACCESS Project, as a contribution to EU-SEA higher education dialogue, including the White Paper on EU-SEA Higher Education Cooperation
d) to present the findings of the SEAU-NET Project in the field of EU-SEA research cooperation, including the new OECD Study on Innovations systems in Southeast Asia.

Expected participation:

Policy makers from Europe and SEA dealing with Higher education and Research, higher education and research  stakeholders (by invitation only)