Prime Minister Yves LETERME

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme was born in Wervik (6 October 1960).

He went to school in Ypres (West Flanders), where he’s living today with his wife and their three children. He is as Belgian as one can be: his father is a French-speaking Walloon and his mother a Dutch-speaking Flemish.

Yves Leterme has a Degree in Political Sciences and Law. He joined the Christian-Democratic Party (CVP – now CD&V) in 1983 and entered politics two years later as a Parliamentary Assistant. He would eventually become National Party Secretary. In 1992, he became an administrator at the European Commission, but remained active in local politics in Ypres. In 2001 he became CD&V fraction leader in the Chamber (House of Commons) and in 2003 he became the CD&V Party Chairman.

In 2004 Yves Leterme became Minister-President of the Flemish government. Flanders faired well during his term in office. He took a pragmatic course with clear benefits for the economic dynamism and the social wellbeing in Flanders. In the elections of 10 June 2007, Yves Leterme led his party to a landslide victory. On 21 December 2007 he became Vice-Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Budget, Transport, Institutional Reform and the North Sea. On 23 March 2008 he got the confidence of the Chamber as Prime Minister but in December his government resigned. On 17 July 2009 Yves Leterme swore the oath as Minister of Foreign Affairs, yet became Prime Minister once again in November of the same year.