Speaking Arrangements

Following speaking arrangements apply in the course of the working sessions, the working dinner and the working lunch of the ASEM 8 Summit.

- Each session of the Summit is conceptually divided into two parts: a first part where Heads of State and Government/Heads of Delegation take the floor on the basis of the matrix of pre-registered speakers. The second part is open for a free-flow discussion managed by the Chair.

- Speaker allocated time – be it as pre-registered speaker or in the free-flow discussion – is strictly limited to 5 minutes. Brevity of interventions helps the participation of the largest number and contributes considerably to the dynamism of the discussion.

Heads of State and Government/Heads of Delegation request for the floor by lifting their name plate.

The 5-minute rule is to be strictly respected. Attention is drawn on the possibility, which the Summit Host will facilitate, to distribute in the meeting room hard copies of potentially longer interventions. Also, upon request, the distribution of full-length interventions can be organized towards delegations and media outside the meeting room.