Summit Arrangements

Access to the Royal Palace is open to the Heads of State and Government/Heads of Delegation, to up to six accompanying delegates and to duly authorized interpreters.

All sessions (including Opening and Closing Ceremony, working dinner and working lunch) take place in the Salle du Trône. Only Heads of State and Government/Heads of Delegation wearing the lapel pin have access to the summit table itself.

Following rooms inside the Royal Palace are intended as listening and waiting rooms for the accompanying delegates during the summit:

  • Salle Empire: a listening room for up to four high-level members of each delegation who are designated to take part in coffee & tea breaks, drink and the reception hosted by His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium. These should include the three members designated to attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • Salon de musique: a listening room for one note-taker for each delegation.
  • Salon des Maréchaux, Salon Bleu and Salon Louis XIV: waiting rooms for one security officer or personal assistant for each delegation.
  • Salon des Ambassadeurs: a waiting room for one messenger for each delegation and authorized interpreters.

The messenger is the only member of the delegation who may be called inside the Salle du Trône and is given access to the Head of State and Government/Head of Delegation during the closed sessions, the working dinner and the working lunch.

Up to twelve members of each delegation have access to the Palace of the Academies, where the delegations’ working space is located.

Members of delegation having access to the Palace of the Academies are able to follow the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the working sessions on screen in the two dedicated rooms: Auditoire Baron Lacquet (capacity of 140 attendees) and the Grand Auditoire (capacity of 246 attendees).

In addition, up to ten members of each delegation have access to the Media Centre (Square – Brussels Meeting Centre).

For more details on accreditation format, badge colors, distribution of badges and floater badges, cf. infra: Delegate Guide > Accreditation.

Smoking is prohibited inside all official ASEM 8 Summit venues.